new MacBook Air 発表か?

MacWorldサイトで新型MacBook Airが今週中にも発表になるのでは?と書かれている。

MacBook Air update this week?

There might be a new MacBook Air released this week, according to a well-placed source familiar with Apple inventory levels and product refreshes.
The same person who correctly predicted the recent MacBook Pro updates a week before they arrived has been in touch with Australian Macworld after finding a new Apple product number on the Apple database.
The source says the number, MC516LL/A K87 BETTER BTR-USA, most likely points to a Mac product due to the 'BETTER' segment of the product code.
There is some potential it could refer to a 27in display, which has been rumoured to be coming to match the 27in iMacs. However, it looks like there are several thousand on their way to Australia this week, which suggests a major new product.
We’ve also heard whisperings that the current MacBook Air is difficult to come by, despite showing an estimated shipping time of 24 hours on the Apple Store.
The new product, whatever it is, will most likely be announced this Tuesday, 11 May (US time, so Wednesday morning for us in Australia).

これによると、発売が噂されている27inchディスプレイの可能性があるものの、明日5月11日に新型MacBook Air発表の可能性もあるとしている。世界ではMacBook Airの在庫が品薄になっている国もある、というのが根拠のひとつらしい。確かに先日新型MacBook Proが発表になった際も、直前にはMacBook Proの在庫が酸くなっていたのは事実。さて、どう出る?